Join the (r)evolution of the modern work place

Revolutionize the way you manage your workplace with ROL Intelligent Office.

Our integrated services transform the employee experience and provide valuable insights for data-driven decision making, setting a new standard for organizational excellence.

Don't underestimate the social aspect of the office

The hybrid office

Unleash the benefits of hybrid work

Uncertain about what days to be in the office or the purpose of you even being there?

ROL Intelligent Office provides employees with a range of tools to enhance their workplace experience. Employees can quickly locate available workspaces, see who is in the office, and access essential information, all within a single platform. 

The new workplace experience

Promote collaboration and save time doing it

Your best position is your next position, whether that is at home or in the office. Our integrated and comprehensive solution is designed to help you make smart decisions at all times. Say goodbye to the frustrations of traditional office spaces and hello to a more productive and enjoyable workplace experience.

Smooth operations
Designing from the inside out

Data-driven insights

Set your workplace up for success

Attracting and retaining top talent is a challenge for most organizations. ROL Intelligent Office provides you with access to data-driven tools to optimize your office space and create an environment that sets your organization apart from the competition. Create a workplace that brings out the best out of each and every employee. 

ROL Intelligent Office


Booking resources

Enhance team collaboration by making it easy to book desks and meeting rooms with the suitable tools.

Workplace dynamics

Improve organizational efficiency and employee experience with Power BI reports on how, when, and where work takes place.


Easily locate a co-worker's booked seat or active meeting room.


Real-time information is necessary to improve efficiency and decision-making in all workplaces, regardless of location.


Set personal goals and preferences to stay active, our wellness tool recognizes that your best position is your next position


Improve productivity by helping employees, clients, and guests easily find what they need in the office.

Secure Storage

Store your belongings where you work and conveniently manage locker access by unlocking and locking them in the app

Planning tools

Customize your work schedule to fit your needs and enhance task prioritization, productivity, and work-life balance.

Ensuring your safety is our priority

ROL Intelligent Office integrates seamlessly into your Office 365. Our app runs on a cloud-based platform in an ISO 27001 certified environment.

We ensure that your data is processed in a secure way and all ROL Intelligent Office services complies under European GDPR standard. Just ask 6POINT6!

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