The workplace is where
experiences unfold

ROL Intelligent Office provides a digital toolset that supports collaboration and teamwork, leading to better outcomes and a more productive work environment.

"People continue to need social interaction with and between co-workers - especially the younger generation. the office of the future will revolve around culture, socialization, and community - this social aspect should not be underestimated!"
Nicola Gillen,
Head of Total Workplace EMEA Cushman & Wakefield

Planning tools

Keeping you hybrid

The ROL Intelligent Office Plan tool creates an integrated experience between the digital and the physical working environment. Plan your workweek from home and select ideal times for yourself or your team to be in the office. 

Join the (r)evolution of the modern workplace

Real-Time Information

Real-time info at all times

Our interactive 3D-map provides real-time updates on available resources, allowing you to stay informed about the current occupancy and availability at all times. 

Booking resources

Booking anything with ease

ROL Intelligent Office is designed to empower employees with the freedom to choose where and how they work.

From activity based to
experience based

Experience based work centers not around the space of the activity
but the experience of work.

Modern Workplace Culture

The future of the office will focus on creating a positive and inclusive culture, fostering social connections and building a sense of community among employees.

By prioritizing these factors, companies can create a dynamic and engaging workspace that promotes productivity, creativity, and well-being. To achieve this, organizations will need to adopt new technologies and approaches that support and enhance these goals, such as virtual collaboration tools, flexible work arrangements, and innovative designs that facilitate social interaction and connection.

52% of workers would prefer a more flexible working model postpandemic

Ultimately, the success of the modern office will depend on its ability to create a sense of belonging and support for its employees.

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