A focus on Well-being and Holistic Ergonomics

Our solution began in 2015 as an ergonomic app that could control height-adjustable desks.  

At the time, height-adjustable tables were relatively new to the market. Our clients relied on our app to encourage their employees to adjust their desks throughout the work day to ensure that employees experienced the health and productivity benefits of incorporating more movement into their workday.


A Trusted Partner
for the Office

As technology and employee work habits evolve, ROL Intelligent Office plays a key role in helping our clients adapt their workplaces to meet new ways of working.

Desk with ROL Desk Connect

In 2019, we introduced ROL Intelligent Office, an all-in-one workplace experience app that connects people with workpoints, resources and each other and allows organizations to make data-supported workplace decisions about hybrid working, distributed work, and office dynamics.

Together with our clients we re-define the workplace, delivering a wide range of services designed to improve employee experience. A simple implementation, intuitive platform and simple software packages supports flexible, hybrid and activity-based work models with valuable insights for the organization.

ROL Group

ROL is an entrepreneur-driven and global market leader in ergonomically optimized office furniture and retail solutions. Our expertise in design, engineering, manufacturing, and technology ensures purpose-aligned, superior quality solutions for inspiring and sustainable environments, where we live, work, shop, and socialize.

ROL was founded in Sweden 1985. With a turnover surpassing SEK 2.1 Billion and a diverse team of 940 professionals worldwide, we’re making difference in the industries. Our expansive markets across the Nordics, Lithuania, China, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, and USA enable us to establish a global reach while maintaining a strong local presence.

Years In Business
Global Offices

ROL Head Office

Our main offices are in Jönköping, Sweden. 

ROL HQ (Axamo)
Lithuanian factory (high tech)

Global Platform

ROL is present in Sweden, USA, Lithuania, Germany, China, Denmark, UK, and Italy.

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