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Save time in your workday with ROL Intelligent Office

Discover Our Different Ways of Booking

Use the dots below to explore how any area in your office can be booked by your employees.

Quick & Easy Booking With ROL Meet.

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Book Your Ideal Desk.

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Secure Storage Straight From The App.

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Use a Pod or a Quiet Booth For Your Ad-hoc Meetings.

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Reserve a Spot in a Collaboration Zone.

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Book Any Resource From The Office Map.

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Integrated Single Sign On

All room bookings are synced with your Office 365 environment for a seamless and integrated workplace experience. 

Booking Overview

Get Lost in Work, Not in The Office

Enable co-workers, clients, and guests to be more intentional with their time in the office.

Find & Book Available Resources From The Office Map
Filter & Find Your Preferred Workspace
No Hardware Required

Meeting Room Display

Hassle-free Room Booking

Managing meeting rooms just got easier than ordering coffee.

Meeting information & Room Status
Book on The Go & Invite Colleagues
Office 365 Integration

QR CODE quick booking

Booking Just a Tap Away

Activity-based work made simple. 

Use QR Codes for Quick Booking
Add QR-Codes To Any Resource
No Hardware Required

ROL Intelligent Office


Booking resources

Enhance team collaboration by making it easy to book desks and meeting rooms with the suitable tools.

Workplace dynamics

Improve organizational efficiency and employee experience with Power BI reports on how, when, and where work takes place.


Easily locate a co-worker's booked seat or active meeting room.


Real-time information is necessary to improve efficiency and decision-making in all workplaces, regardless of location.


Set personal goals and preferences to stay active, our wellness tool recognizes that your best position is your next position


Improve productivity by helping employees, clients, and guests easily find what they need in the office.

Secure Storage

Store your belongings where you work and conveniently manage locker access by unlocking and locking them in the app

Planning tools

Customize your work schedule to fit your needs and enhance task prioritization, productivity, and work-life balance.

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