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General Features Standard Premium
Interactive 3D floorplan
Workpoints & Resources Included in App & Office Map Unlimited Unlimited
Custom Resources
Check-in With App Notification
Book & Check-in With QR Code
Manage Bookings on Meeting Room Display
Desk Auto Check-in
Features for Individuals and Teams Standard Premium
Plan Your Week (Locations, Workpoints, Resources)
Find and Book Workpoints and Resources Based on Individual & Preferences
Locate Available Workpoints & Resources on 3D Office Map
Locate Co-workers
Report Issues
Timer with Reminders for Height-Adjustable Tables
Operate Height-Adjustable Tables from Desktop App
Book Workpoints & Resources on Behalf of Team Members
Reports & Insights Standard Premium
Basic Booking Data
Export Data
Advanced Data
Custom Reports Quote
Implementation & Administration Standard Premium
Supported Learning Period 30 Days 60 Days
Apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS
Integrates Into Microsoft Office 365
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Implement Rules and User Access
Issue Tracking & Overview
Import Large Batches of Users
Two-factor Authentication
Multiple Language Support
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