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ROL Intelligent Office and AceIQ Enter Partnership

Unique concept offers individually tailored workspaces with maximum performance

ROL Intelligent Office and AceIQ have initiated a partnership to jointly offer solutions that create a better workplace and help companies become more attractive employers. The solutions have a strong focus on the employee and incorporate technology from companies such as Citrix and Microsoft. “The combined solutions of the companies not only enhance the employee workplace experience but also provide management teams with increased control over data security, space utilization, and workflow efficiency”, says Håkan Andersson, CEO AceIQ.

In an era where talent is in short supply, it is more important than ever to have a workplace that harnesses existing competencies and offers opportunities for further development. At the same time, it is crucial to provide a workplace that attracts the right talent. This can involve various factors, including how people prefer to work today and tools offered to keep up efficiency, enjoyment, and the sense of utilizing their competencies effectively.

Organizations face significant challenges and opportunities with the new hybrid work approach.

How can you attract employees back to the office to keep building competence and strengthening company culture? Do you need all our premises, or can you reduce costs for office space as more people work remotely? How can you secure that sensitive corporate information is not spread when employees work from anywhere? There are many questions to consider, and this is what AceIQ and ROL Intelligent Office provide solutions for.

The two companies are now collaborating to create solutions that virtualize both ergonomics and applications, making them accessible anywhere.

The solution works with Mac, tablet, and PC. What matters is that the employee is offered excellent opportunities to perform their job regardless of personal preferences. The solutions address many important topics such as sustainability, compliance requirements (such as GDPR), security demands, ergonomics, simplicity, accessibility, and economics. These are all crucial aspects of future employer branding.

“Together, ROL Intelligent Office and AceIQ have developed a unique concept that offers individually tailored workspaces with maximum performance, integration with ergonomic desks, and tools that give employees full control over their workspace while providing management with increased insight and control”, says Marie Lassborn, Head of ROL Intelligent Office Stockholm.

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About us

ROL Intelligent Office delivers a digital platform for hybrid office solutions by providing organizations with data-driven tools that enhance well-being, creativity, and productivity while enabling reduced real estate costs. Part of the solution involves creating an integrated experience between the digital and physical work environment. For more information visit or contact Calle Hagström on +46 73 663 88 39.

AceIQ specializes in user-centric IT, focusing on creating simple and secure access to information and applications, regardless of location or the type of client/device being used. For more information visit or contact Jens Karlsson on +46 73 332 58 39.

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